Innovation has always been the cornerstone of Stocdon’s product range, and today this encompasses Integra Spindle Tooling, Cerit and Modular Tooling.

Each of these product groups has been chosen for its exceptional quality, originality and value for money, and importantly for our customers, its availability, even for specialist, custom items where we offer a CAD driven proposal / quotation system.

Our WINTOOL software enables full set-ups to be shown-collision paths and weights of the tooling - important in High speed spindle BTB40-HSK 32-40-50-63



Integra Spindle Tooling has been developed by Stocdon to build on our range of comprehensive, in-stock, affordable, all top quality components, for all spindle types.

We offer systems for DIN; BT; HSK; & VDI in all popular taper sizes as well as a full range of ER collets, chucks and accessories.  Newest product extension is our economy SHRINK Chuck tooling AD/B for DIN 69871 SK40-50 / BT 40-50 as well as HSK 63-100 spindle connections.  

We also offer a very complete range of Integra Hydraulic Chucks for accurate tool run out applications max 0.003  in STD and LONG series covering all spindle connects as well live tooling such as VDI-HSK-T -KM-Capto-PSC.



We offer a complete Modular Boring solution covering 0.3 - 2600mm bore range with depths to 10 X D+ for fine and rough boring.Our modular tooling has unique threaded and quick change ABS heads, with the ability to rough, finish + adapt tools to bore on a larger scale.  

The newest modular tooling features include Digital tool adjustment for Fine Boring. Fine boring KITS are available with Steel and Carbide boring bars. We can offer turnkey CAD based proposals, as well as special monobloc tools.



The CERIT system offers both SOLID and MODULAR tooling based on the Varilock Design and is 100% interchangable.

The range is actually larger and covers smaller size connections. Special tools are a very good option and standard HYDRAULIC porting tools with inserts are available for SAE ports from stock.

Cerit have a full range of ISO cartridge tools for single and combination tools.We can supply bespoke special tools using the connection system and cartridge tools.