Achieve significant savings in production costs with our quality range of high-technology power face milling cutters.

Stocdon’s power face milling cutters are produced in Germany on 5-axis machines, resulting in high accuracy in both the insert pockets and great wear resistance in the cutter material.

All Stocdon power face milling cutters allow you to use industry standard inserts such as SNMX, ONMU, SNEX and SNMU, whether you need 8 or 16 cutting edge inserts.

The Stocdon solution gives you full flexibility to order the solution you need, choose from:

●     810M cutting body to use with your own inserts

●     810M cutting body + our recommended inserts for your application

●     The complete set of 810M cutting body + inserts

The Stocdon 810M cutter body is less than 50% of the cost of cutters from Walter, and the inserts are available from just £9.15 each*.

 Contact us for your ultimate cutting body and insert combination, at the best possible price.