JBO eMultiCheck from Stocdon saves 80% on Thread Test Time

Stocdon is a recognised name in Aerospace, Motor Sport, Medical and Oil & Gas Industries. Stocdon is proud to be the exclusive supplier of a range of engineering products from JBO (Johs Boss) in the UK. 



JBO's eMultiCheck checks threads quickly, effortlessly and with faultless accuracy time and time again.

MAGNA Powertrain trusts eMultiCheck to check the threads of the balancing casings for BMW N20s.

Instead of manually screwing in, reading off and screwing out, electronics provide for the automatic testing sequence – with high precision and time savings of up to 80%, plus an enormous reduction in the strain on employees.


Now all that’s necessary to run the test is the push of a button.  

The electronics detect the thread and start the test procedure by screwing in the go plug gauge with a defined torque. Another press of a button and the plug gauge is moved out of the workpiece again.

Seven parts are currently tested per shift. Each part has 7 blind holes and 3 through-hole threads.  That results in a total of 210 threads for a daily throughput of 21 casings.

Overstressing of the wrist joints caused by screwing in manually is now a thing of the past;  one of the most important reasons for MAGNA to use the eMultiCheck in production.

Each component has its ‘own’ eMultiCheck which tests the threads automatically and with a constant torque – regardless of the operator.  In accuracies  caused by manual measurement are eliminated.

The measured values can be reliably read off on the digital display and on request the measured and test values can be read out via digital output.

As a specialist for manfacturing thread machining and testing tools, JBO has conceived a test system with the eMultiCheck which combined outstanding functions with convincing user friendliness.

JBO eMultiCheck, Thread Gauges and Thread Milling tooling,  all from Stocdon, the Tooling Specialists

Stocdon achieves ISO9001:2015 Quality Standard.


Stocdon are pleased to have achieved their long-awaited ISO 9001:2015 Quality standard, for consumable and capital equipment, metrology systems and processes for a wide range of manufacturers including Aerospace, Motor Sport, Medical and Oil & Gas industries.

More and more, the top manufacturing companies are demanding that their suppliers, such as Stocdon, meet the exacting standards necessary to guarantee the highest quality in every aspect of an organisation.

In the supply chain, whether you manufacture or not, it is still vitally important to show that you get it right, by examining your methods and processes, to ensure your customer or the end user is getting the very best products and the very best experience of our service possible.

So it is with great pride that Stocdon announce the award of our ISO 9001:2015 certification!

Stocdon have over 33 years of experience as machining specialists, and now with the internationally recognised ISO9001:2015 certification, our continued commitment to quality is an additional benefit for existing and new customers that rely on our expertise. 

GF787: The latest cost-effective Thread Milling solution

Just launched - now customers can purchase GF787 Thread Mills exclusively from Stocdon.  


JBO's GF787 Thread Mill is a cost-effective solution for internal threading in all materials, exclusively available in the UK & Ireland from Stocdon. 

Use this universal solid carbide tool for internal screw threads in all sorts of materials and applications.

For more information on Stocdon's full range of Thread Mill solutions visit the Thread Milling page.

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