Stocdon Limited & Hermann Bilz - 35 years of engineering innovation.


Hermann Bilz have been supplying the world’s leading Automotive, Oil & Gas and businesses leading the way in engineering developments for over 80 years.

Stocdon are proud to hold the exclusive contract to supply the Hermann Bilz range to the UK & Irish market for 35 years. Over the years we have worked with Bilz’s engineers to create bespoke internal machining tool solutions for our customers.

If you have a complex challenge & a tight deadline, Stocdon & Hermann Bilz could provide you with a complete solution within just 6 weeks.

Stocdon & Hermann Bilz Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Drilling:

The customer required a tool to drill through the centre of a Connecting Rod with just a 66mm Diameter. Bilz created a 300mm Powerbore for this application, especially designed to cut through high grade steel 42CrMo4.

The Bilz Powerbore KSB Cartridge head uses indexable inserts and in this application could achieve up to 410 rev/min.

Case Study 2 - Countersinking:

The customer required a special solution to machine a Cylinder Head in GK-AlSi9Cu3. The Stocdon & Bilz solution was to create a Countersink tool that allowed the Cylinder Head to be cut via a Bore, Radius, Chamfer and Spotface tool in one application, saving the customer huge amounts of time rather than setting up four separate applications.

These tools can be created in special materials and a huge variety of lengths depending on the requirement.

Case Study 3 - Drilling:

A special dual purpose drill was required to work on a Truck Crankcase, to complete the transfer line process. A combi-drill was designed by Bilz & Stocdon to execute Drilling and Spotfacing applications together, allowing the customer to machine the Truck Crankcase with high accuracy (as the combined processes mean that there’s no need for aligning the tools twice as separate processes).

Case Study 4 - Back Spotfacing:

Bilz’s specialist tools for hard to reach areas are used most often in automotive engineering, in this instance for a Crankcase in grade GGG-50 SG Iron.

The solution for this customer was to supply an Autofacer tool, which allows for automatic forward and backward Spotfacing up to 2.2 x D.

Case Study 5 - Re-Boring:

The customer needed to Re-Bore a Disk Brake Caliper as part of the finishing machining process, in grade GGG-50 SG Iron.

The Bilz Preci-Cut system was used with a bespoke geometry to allow the customer to achieve 850 rev/min with a H7 tolerance.

Stocdon & Hermann Bilz can advise on all of these and a much wider range of specialist tools to suit your bespoke requirements. From Countersinking to Drilling to Chamfering, and specialise in high tech Back Spotfacing and Counterboring solutions for those difficult to reach applications.

We have provided solutions for Hydraulics, Turbine Housing, Valve Gear Covers, Steering Boxes and many more.

Visit the Hermann Bilz page for more details on the tooling range we stock and to download catalogues with more information.

If you need help with a bespoke solution, just contact us with your requirements and we’d be glad to work with you on a solution.