Allmatic: Workholding with efficiency & simplicity

Allmatic Vices are the top-notch solution for Workholding requirements, for:

  •  ·         3 - 5 Axis machining

  •  ·         Prismatic components

  •  ·         Non prismatic components – castings,  forgings

What makes Allmatic solutions different to the rest on the market is that they often fulfil the complete needs of a customers’ application, where they have previously had to spend time using multiple vices or resetting vices between applications.

 Allmatic’s intelligent engineering allows users to

  •  ·        Pre- select working pressures

  • ·         Minimum material work holding

  • ·         Gripp rough materials

 The Allmatic Gripp solutions, are a market leader when it comes to all types of component selection, with large capacity, high clamping force up to 7 tons and minimum deflections, for easy setting.

 Allmatic have been our work holding partner since 1972,  because of their pedigree when it comes to accurate pre- selection of material clamping pressures. Their vice performance, across the range, is second to none.

 A question clients always ask when enquiring about Allmatic Workholding is the cost, versus other brands, to which we always showcase the cost savings to be made,  long term. We know that budgets are always under pressure, but we also know that investing in Workholding pays dividends,  long term.

Single or in set-ups, Allmatic workholding solutions for all.

Single or in set-ups, Allmatic workholding solutions for all.